I’m 32 week pregnant but sometimes I felt I’m not pregnant.. I’m not sure is it because I’m not ready to be a mommy... In my 1st trimester .. I had depression.. 2nd trimester.. feeling much better had support from my hubby.. but still now in 3rd trimester.. I still try to convince myself I’m pregnant.. anyone have same case like me? Me n my husband already start buying baby items .. but yet .. everyday I’m telling myself.. I’m pregnant now.. n sometimes my heart still dun believe I’m pregnant.. I just needed to share this out.. what my heart felt..

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Hi mommy.. I felt almost the same way as you just that I accept the existence of my baby already.. at first I was disbelieve that I managed to conceive cus I had pcos. And I’m a type of person that not fond of children 😬 my hubby likes children more than I do.. I felt comfortable with just being the 2 of us right now.. up until now I couldn’t imagine myself managing my own kid later.. 🥹 idk how I’m gonna cope with it later and I hope all is well…

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Its okay. It is overwhelm after all. Plus with the hormone thingy. Pregnancy aren't all sunshine amd rainbows but it has a moment and it's worth it. Try to talk to your baby, i know it sounds silly. But it does help. Stimulate the baby kick. Rub your belly. Once you realise his/her respond with what you do, maybe you'll bond a connection insted feeling like you just carried something.

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