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Week 17 going to week 18 of pregnancy. My baby bump still can’t be seen and I can’t feel baby “bubble popping” Isit normal ? sosososososo worry ☹️☹️

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I only get to feel my baby towards end of week 19! Don’t worry. Wait for another 2 weeks. By week 20, I’m sure you will start to feel the little one kicking away. ☺️

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If you are FTM, u will feel the kicks ard 20-22 weeks. Baby bump won’t come out so soon too.

3y ago

So when will the baby bump be more obvious 😂

As long as the scans are normal, you should be fine. Don't worry and stay positive!

What is baby lump?

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I felt mine @ wk20

3y ago

Isit like bubble popping?