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Hello mummies, at what week did your bump start showing? I am 18 weeks and 2 days now but my baby bump isn't...

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my bump started showing at approx 15 weeks and it looked big big. but now im 34 weeks... it looks like 6months only. but I found out one good thing with smaller bump is that... less stretch marks to prevent. haha but of course baby's health is top priority. so far with my smaller looking bump, the weight and size is normal.

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As long baby is weighing and measuring in good size, the size of our bump don't really matters. in fact, it might be a good thing for you as you have more flexibility moving and not getting tired so easily.

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It’s depends on the body .. it will starts soon in couple of week ..

Baby bump is to own mummy! Just ensure mummy and baby is healthy :)

I’m 26w3d and people think i’m only 4 months pregnant 🥲

same here

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25 week