Baby bump @ 14 weeks

baby bump cannot be seen it normal? its my 1st time pregnancy..

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Yup very normal. Depends on body size as well. Mine didn’t start to show until my 7th month and I’m plus-size. My cousin’s bump was already obvious in her 4th month. Don’t worry about the baby bump, as long as doc says baby is growing well and you’re taking your vitamins diligently, you shouldn’t be worried at all.

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my bump was not obvious too. only started showing at 5 or 6 mths. even when I was abt to give birth, my bump looked 30weeks at most. baby was 3.6kg! so don't worry. as long baby is growing the bump doesn't matter.

When my colleague found out I was pregnant, he asked me how far along was I. I showed my palm, and he said 5 weeks? I replied '5 months'.

Hi All,im at 14wks pregnancy..I always had a bad migrane during my sleep time and the pain goes to my neck and shoulder too..Isit nrml..?its affect my sleep so much..

Yes normal. My bump at 22 was still questionable. It’s at the stage where people will think, is she pregnant or just fat! 😂

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Yes it’s very normal, mine doesn’t look anything like a baby bump until I’m around 4 mths plus 5 mths. And this is my first pregnancy too.

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I think it's normal. I'm week 23 now. I didn't have much bump until 3 weeks ago. Now suddenly I can't fit in any of my tops 😆

14weeks 5 days 1st pregnancy

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Very normal i think! I’m also at first pregnancy till now there’s barely any bump but baby is well and active 🥰

Yes, is normal. My wife's bump was visible when almost 5 months. Congratulations.