Baby kicks

Hi I’m am at week 21. I have yet to see baby kicks externally although I could already feel it. Is it due to my small bump? Everyone is commenting that they can’t see my bump yet T.T

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It's normal. I am 21 weeks preggie too. My baby bump isnt that small & I am trying to take video of baby kicking but not obvious.

Every Mother has different type of body. If gynae said you and baby are healthy. Don’t need to worry about it :)

Every pregnancy is diff so don’t worry! As long as baby is healthy all’s good :)

During third trimester it will be stronger. And u will be able to see externally.

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U can only see obvious bumps from ur tummy in the final trimester. :)

As long during check up everything is good then is normal

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Every pregnancy is different. As long as both baby and mommy is healthy, nothing to worry about.