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Any ways to heal the existing stretch marks and prevent new ones from forming? I have generally very thin skin and my tummy is full of stretch marks. I tried bio oil and Palmer cocoa butter and it only help in reducing the redness...

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Super Mum

Palmers is not bad


You cant get rid of stretch marks once is there but u can lighten it by applying stretch mark cream or oil. The populate brands are Bio oil, clarins, A'kin Rose hip oil, Palmers To prevent stretch marks diet and exercise also plays apart. Eat more veg and fruits, exercise to prevent sudden weight gain.

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1y ago

I have tried all, I don't like the Palmers sticky, bio oil is ok, clarins oil is good but very oily, good when u feel very itchy and apply at home. A'kin is oil but absorb very fast so good to apply under your working or dressing clothes.

I use rose hip oil.

Super Mum

Just keep moisturized. I had rashes so i was only using Suu Balm and Physiogel

Try mustala

Super Mum
1y ago

That’s a very interesting read! Vitamin E... hmmmm

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Hi... try elancyl stretch mark cream

1y ago

Thanks. Will take a look at that

Super Mum

You can try applying stretchmark cream. I'm using Palmer.

Maybe try the clarins one

1y ago

I allergy never apply anything