Stretch marks @ 33 weeks

Hi fellow mummies, I am having very bad stretch marks at my tummy, thigh and buttocks area @ 33 weeks. I have tried various stretch mark creams, including mama choice’s, clarins, bio-oil, burt bee’s, but the stretch marks still persist.. some days it will get lighter in the morning but in the night, will worsen again.. Anyone has other recommendations for stretch mark creams? Prefer creams over oil.. TIA

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Stretch marks are genetic, not much you can do abt it. They shld fade aft you give birth. (: Try not to worry abt them though I know sometimes it feels v unsightly.

When it starts growing… I doubt any cream will help anymore. Can only wait for it to lighten. Just continue applying what you’re using now to moisturise it.

I personally didn’t use those above mentioned Brands. I used baby oil/ aloe vera gel

it will just get more if you have the genes for it.. embrace it :)

can maybe try to laser away after birth

Can try alobaby or mustela