Stretch mark creams recommendation

Hi! I’m 8 weeks pp and I regretted not applying stretch marks cream during my pregnancy journey. Now I’m having a very bad stretch marks on my stomach, thankfully my thighs & arms have no stretch marks. Just wondering, what do you mommies recommend the best for stretch mark creams? I have saggy stomach too and I look super ugly right now. I hope you guys could help! I’ve used bio oil but it doesn’t help :( #advicepls #pleasehelp #firsttiimemoma

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I used mama’s choice, but as my mum had very bad stretch marks, during week 38 onwards, I still couldn’t avoid. I had a little stretch marks but it faded a few months after birth. Alternatively, I’ve personally always wanted to try out soskin, but it’s damn expensive 😅. You can look it up.

I used mama’s choice. My mom had very bad stretch marks so I couldn’t avoid, my stretch marks appeared after week 38, faded a few months after birth. I’ve always wanted to try out soskin, especially the tummy mask but the price keeps holding me back. You can try looking it up!

I went for TCM and they told me to avoid soya sauce for the first 6 months after birth to ‘lighten’ the marks. Not sure if it works but no harm avoiding 😂

Palments lotions, or mamas choice. I use both and i think it works because i dont have marks.. if there is is very very light.