Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)

Hi! Just want to check for GTT, do the doctor do a prick test to measure blood glucose or draw blood?

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You got to fast the night before your blood test. Doc will draw blood 3 times. Once is for baseline, then they will give you a glucose drink. You are supposed to finish it. 2hrs later, they will draw a 2nd tube of blood. You will ask to rest for the next 2 hrs. No food or drinks to be taken. After which, 3rd tube of blood will be drawn.

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No worries! Hope the above info helps :)

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Draw blood. U need to fast without water as well overnight before the test and after one blood test in the morning. Afterwhich u will be asked to drink a sweet orange flavoured water and there will be another two more blood test to go before u are allowed to drink or eat.

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My doc did a prick test first.. result seems a little high so he asked me to do a blood test.


Draw blood, once before drinking the glucose and 2 more after at certain interval.

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Draw blood...twice. 2 hours apart, if I recall correctly.

Draw blood. Prick test is just to test the hcg level.

Both..prick test once drawing of blood thrice

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Drawing of blood required

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Draw blood..

Draw blood.