glucose tolerance test fails

Hi, I just got my GTT today and fail 2 out of 3. Nurse called me to contol my diet and ask me to test 2 consec day before and after meal and bed time every week. Feeling so emo. 😭

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I felt emo too.. controlling diet and have to do glucose test (blood test) every 2 days of the week. Total 7 pokes a day! I have to give up all my fav food and all. You have to drink lots of water and strictly no sugary drinks. You will slim down, that’s the truth! I gave birth in June and my weight now is even lighter than before I got pregnant. 😁 Baby is healthy which is most important. I’m going back to KKH for the post pregnancy glucose test next month. Hopefully all is well. Take care, embrace new changes and be happy.

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im already diabetic with type 2 even before i am preggy. I have to inject 2 types of Insulin and eat metformin from the start of pregnancy and really have to look after my food intake and all. Im at 29 weeks now and all is good baby is all well too. You dont be sad, just look after ur diet and dont be stress ok?. If u have sweet cravings try to find alternative. Dont worry to much. ❤

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Don't worry. After baby out, u will back to normal. I had GDM too. Baby is big size in my stomach. Have to Control the foods and drinks I had. My sugar level always above the doctor limit. Doctor gave me medicine to slow down my sugar level. I had delivered my baby, but my diet had stick to what I had GDM. Now I am even slimmer than before pregnant. Stay healthy!

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I too was diabetic during my pregnancy... Key to control diabetes is to portioning the food and adding more veggies especially greens...don't worry everything will be alright👍happy pregnancy 🤰😊

Same here. I am trying to be positive but its hard. Trying to adjust my diet before my next week check up.

Dont feel emo or anything! Just control ur diet and everything will be fine. ❤️

Don't be upset. Just control your diet and your situation should improve. 💪🌹

Just try to limit those sweet tooth . Everything is gonna be fine

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Control your diet ok mummy! Stay positive! 💪🏼