planned formula milk.

hello! Just wanna ask if any mama's started formula as soon as baby is born? I am a 2nd time mama and planning not to breastfeed my 2nd baby as I really want to spend more time with my first and 2nd born and want to be more attentive to the both of them.... if so, do you feel guilty or what kind of emotions you feel? I mean I am not selfish to not breastfeed correct? :((

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Agree. Fed is best. My supply dipped because of mastitis and I decided to stop trying to increase supply. I live with a lot of guilt. Especially when baby has constipation which is usually solved when we thaw frozen BM for her. However, I remind myself of the days I had fever and couldn’t even get out of bed to take care of her.. I think it’s better to spend the time with the baby and practicing tummy time or exercises.. I think there will always be a bit of guilt, but just remind yourself that they are both your babies and you choose what is best for yourself and your babies. :)

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Don’t feel guilty. I am 40 and a professional with no health issues. I was completely formula fed and I turned out way better than any BF kid I know. So don’t fret - do what is right for u. Being a mother involves making decisions and knowing why u did so. There is no right way to parent.

Hi mummy, please don’t feel guilty for wanting to feed formula. There is no right or wrong in feeding formula or breastmilk. Fed is best! 😃 Ignore those who judge you or makes any comments just because you’re not breastfeeding. My child, my boobs, my call.

both are perfectly 🆗️ I choose Breast-feeding for both 1st born mixed feeding, due to work he was sent to IFC at 4th months and feed formula at IFC 2nd born 💯 breastfeeding and manage to share milk with 1st born

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I have a few friends who started FM straight from birth, no breastfeeding at all from the start as they didn't want to n their kids are all very healthy n growing well! U are not selfish to not breastfeed!

Nope mine all the way breastfed