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I am a mother of one . She is only 1 year old . I miss pregnancy , the entire process . I am a smoker apparently when i found out i was pregnant with my first child , i stopped smoking after 2 months . I am thinking of another child lately and i have started smoking 7 months back , i am afraid my smoking will cause my baby to not be born healthy . As a mother , i want my child to be healthy and thats important . What shall I do ? I do know the first thing is to stop smoking . What else can i do ? More over i am 20 years old this year , planning to go back to school next year .

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Glad to know you will stop smoking in order not to harm your baby. Well, you should maintain healthy lifestyle, balance diet and stay happy. If you plan to continue study, be prepared the stress you are going to face; study, taking care of your one-year-old child and symptoms of pregnancy. Of course if you can manage and someone is supportive and helping you to take care of your child, you may go ahead with your plan. Do note that the disruption in your study when you give birth and confinement. 💪

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I was a smoker. I immediately quit the moment I found out I was pregnant. If you choose school, then do it. Delay your thoughts of having another baby. Afterall you're still so young. Schooling + having a baby at the same time is difficult. You need to juggle between the 2 and you already have a toddler? Your mental health is also a priority. When you're financially, mentally & physically stable then go ahead for another baby.

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No 1. Stop smoking. Entirely. For the sake of yr kid/kids. Quit for good. You are still very young, its not easy juggling studies and kids.. discuss with yr husb and family. It truly takes a village to bring up a child. Good luck!

Hi, Glad to know that you have stopped smoking for the good of you and the baby. Given that you are very young for having another baby. I would suggest to talk to your husband regarding this