Exhausted, 34 weeks

34 weeks now, feeling really exhausted. Taken like about 2 weeks or more NPL in total as of now. Groin hurts really bad, backpain is crazy. Loss of appetite for weeks already. Gynae not willing to give HL. Used up my leave and MC already. Have taken more than 2 weeks of NPL as of now 😭 People usually say you'll tend to eat more in 3rd tri. Not for me. My appetite lessen in my third tri. I feel so not myself. I don't want to do anything. I want baby to be out and I feel guilty saying that cause I'm in a lot of pain. I want my baby to be growing healthy and be born at the right time but the pain and exhaustion has really got to me. My emotions are crazy. I feel OK at one time and the next moment I get sad and/or angry. My next appt is when I'm at 36 weeks. So so exhausted.

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How about seeing another gyane for HL?

1y ago

I'm a subsidised patient. None wanted to give HL. Nothing "strong" that needs HL.. 😢