My baby is 19 days old. I tried to breastfeed him for the first 3 days after he was born. From the 4th day onwards, we changed to feed him with Formula Milk and sometimes my expressed Breastmilk (if any). Am wondering is it too late if i want to direct latch him again? Am worried that i do not have enough milk for him as he can drink around 90ml to 110ml Formula Milk per feed.

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You can still latch him direct. Shouldn't be much of a problem ma y parents have the same concern of not producing enough milk. As long as baby is drinking and growing. Everything is okay. You will definitely know if baby is not getting enough milk. So dont worry about it.

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Mil keeps saying baby crying cos he didn't have enough even though i managed to latch him for abt an hr...

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You can try to latch on to see if baby is still able to latch. If not you can also consult an LC to assist you in your latching. Secondly, never worry about the output when comes to direct latch. Baby can extract way more milk then how breast pump can!

That is not true. It is totally normal. Why do old people always say not enough milk. Haiz i went thriugh the same thung as well. Saying not enough milk. You d9nt worry, just focus and jiayo!