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I’m about to stop working and prepare my maternity leave so will be a long break from work. Now I can’t really perform at work and work was already reduced and insignificant to the team. I was also recently complained and easily disposable due to new structure and my current pregnant status that I feel unfair. I feel like looking for a new job and leave my current job. However tiredness and stress sets in to find another job. Will you have any advice if I don’t want to be SAHM and still get a new job during this period?

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Hang in there, I understand its difficult to work now but looking for work while pregnant is very challenging and many employers don't want to employ someone just to have them go on leave a few months later. It is illegal to fire someone just because of their pregnancy, and you can't be fired during your maternity leave either so don't worry. Look for new opportunities when you're on your leave since you will have some free time. Good luck.

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I'm sorry to hear you are going through such a hard time at work when you are going through so many changes in your life. It is going to be difficult to find a new role now, but if you are feeling up to it and depending on what you do, it might be a good time to diversify and pick up some freelance work on the side. If you find that this flexibility suits you more you can continue after the baby is born.

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I would suggest for the time being just focus on ur getting maternity leave and go back to work after that. Then once u settle with a new born and get a nanny or infant school then start looking for new job if you don’t want to continue your current job. By that time, you will be a significant team member, who knows.

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Since you are already having your maternity leave soon, focus on that. No point looking for a new job now when you are about to deliver. You can think through or start looking for new job during your leave period. Plan for an alternative just in case you don’t like your current job once you go back.

Hi, I am so sorry to hear about this. I would suggest right now give yourself mental relaxation and have a break. This break will also give you time to think and analyse with a fresh mind. You can always explore new opportunities through Linked in network and mums@work

Sorry to hear about your situation. I was asked to take early ML because my work was reassigned to others. Basically kinda of made me feel insignificant. But they still required me to complete some reports for them during my early ML. 😑

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It will be a bit difficult to get a job now unless you don't mind a temp assignment. Does your company provide maternity leave? Do rest first, complete your confinement and then decide what you wanna do after that. Take care!

You should tolerate a little while longer to go on your maternity leave, and then quit during ML ;) ML can be used to serve as notice period if you’re from Singapore. That was what I did :)

Take ML first. Then try to find a job during your ML period. If managed to find a new job, can always start the job after you finish 16 weeks of ML

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Take your maternity leave first before deciding to leave. If situation doesn't improve, see if u can find a new position after maternity leave.