I was about to quit my current job without another job due to high work stress..

But suddenly found out I'm pregnant. 😥 I know it should be a happy thing but I'm even more stressed now not knowing if I should continue to quit! Even if I take HL or MC I still have to complete my work when I'm back, no way to avoid. If I quit now our family still can survive but we will be unable to save every month. Had a miscarriage at the same company one year ago....

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I would suggest to quit since your job is high stress. It is not worth since you are pregnant and had a miscarriage before. Moreover, you have no financial issue if you are not working. Even if one has financial difficulty, just live simple and cut down unnecessary expenses. Nothing is more important than your health. Take care.

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2mo ago

thanks for your suggestion! agree that health and bb are more important ya..

I am pregnant and not working too. Its ok.. If i didnt quit my job I don't think I can even get pregnant with that stress & irregular menses🤣

2mo ago

thanks for the reassurance! very helpful. may I know how are you handling financially?