do you think the discrimination towards working and pregnant mothers at work are real in singapore?

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yes i think so too..

Yes, I was asked to leave after I gave birth to my firstborn. One week after i return to work, I am placed under monitoring and 1 month later ask to go. Reason given by the company is not meeting KPI but I am the top performer of my department for the past few years even during my pregnancy. Called MOM for help but was told nothing can be done by them. Heard from some of my friends, they also encountered the same issue too; they were told no need to return to work after ML. One even lose her job promotion after she told her HR she was pregnant.

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thats soo bad. I mean the company shd'nt do that and MOM shd take action against the company

yes it is! the unsaid.

yup, its real for me based on 2 experiences. 1st was wen i just joined a banking industry and found out i was pregnant (1st child) during my probation period. What sadden me was, the bank manager who happen to be a female, told me that my situation may affect my confirmation period and being a 1st time mother at that point i was clueless on the affect. den recently my prev company told me to come back early and willing to encash me as a return. i told my boss if i had to choose, i had choose my child over the monetary offer and of course when i came back, each time i had to take ccl for appt or such he will comment "wah, u already took 4 mths maternity, still need to take ccl. why cannot do everything within that 4 mths?" dat hit me to leave the job.

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yes, esp u have senior colleagues who believed you have fun n easy life on that 4months of leave. When returned, expecting you to deliver 2/3 more of your scopes n to come in early n stay late if cannot finish, plus... burn some hours during your weekends too. These r summary of two pregnancies.

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yup i would also think so. its disgusts me actually

Yes it's real! They think that we are unable to commit

Yes. But depends on companies n sectors ... heard of both sides of the stories

Yes I fully agree on this!

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i think so.