With the current COVID situation, is it safe to send child to preschool?

With the current COVID situation in Singapore, parents are encouraged to keep their children at home if they are working from home. However, it’s very hard to work at home with kids around. For those who are working from home, did you send your child to preschool? Is it safe to do so? #1stimemom

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I stopped sending... feel it’s dangerous It difficult to manage at home but I also told my employers that some juggling and time management would be required. Both of us WFH so we also try to swap or balance or interchange when we both have meetings online and try to help each other out whenever: we have 2 preschool toddlers 😆 It’s not easy I know but we also try to entertain them alternating between us or sometimes even getting toddlers sitting around table to do some art or stuff I found this article quite helpful for myself: hope it helps you as well. https://sg.theasianparent.com/a-helpful-daily-routine-for-preschoolers-and-primary-students

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I am afraid to send as well. I am also glad that I made the right decision as not long ago, the teacher called to say that the building got a nurse caught the virus. It is hard to wfh with a toddler that constantly need my attention. My husband and father in law help abit but i am mainly the one to handle her. But no choice, just need to manage it and try all ways to survive. Lol. Stay strong! #MothersAreLikeWonderWomen

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I wouldn't think so and till now, my kid still at home. Sometimes it's pretty frustrating but sending to preschool has more risk than benefit for this worrying situation now.

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my child usually has more than 20 preschoolers in the class but as of yesterday, only 3 of them including my child in the class

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It's your personal decision, each family has different circumstances. I still send my girl to preschool

Due to personal reasons , I have to still send my baby to infant care..

I still sending my boy to preschool as I'm working in office. 🥺

I’m not sending too ,

not sending now

Not sending