Craving Sushi

Hello Mummies I am pregnant and am craving to have sushi. Can I have that?

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Yes! I eat sushi every week when i was preggy, and also the day before i delivered. I love sushi!

If u want eat salmon... Order the miso with fire.. Cook ur salmon in it before it. 😁

Try to avoid during your first trimester. And always eat in moderation mummy. ❤️

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No no! But u can have sushi with the cooked egg.. and thise cooked ingredient

I ate quite alot of sushi myself... take those cooked ones instead of raw

You can eat a sushi mommy because if you crave it the baby wants it too.

Please avoid sushi because there are sushi are not cleaned properly...

My gynae say yes but must make sure the cleanliness and the freshness

I only avoid raw n those high in mercury fish. The rest all I eat

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Yes! Important in moderation. Enjoy while you can!!