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Craving for sushi really badly but I heard eating sushi while pregnant is a no-no.. but if I eat those crabmeat ones, is it permissable?

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those who ate and nothing happened to them does not mean the same for everyone. Sometimes it just takes that 1 pc. You wont die from not eating sushi, so maybe you can dont try. even if you eat cooked sushi in a restaurant, how sure are you that the chefs did not use the same hand to handle raw salmon and the rice? i saw it in one of the restaurants that was mentioned in one of the replies.

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Had sushi craving too and went to one with conveyor belt. Felt really sad staring at those plates of ikura roe sushi, salmon sashimi, tuna salad, crabmeat. It was a constant "this one cannot eat, this one also, this one also..." Regretted going right there right then 😂. In the end only ate the cooked unagi sushi, tamago sushi, salmon miso soup. ☹

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Pregnant women are to avoid eating any thing raw and also tuna cos high in mercury. Don't follow others just because they thought it's safe for them cos if anything were to happen to you or baby, they're not liable for it. Read also how their gynae responded (some say can some say cannot). Eat only the cooked ones as long as your craving is satisfied.

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My gynae mentioned that you can eat raw fish (but try to make sure you go to higher end restaurants where there’s better quality control) but you must avoid tuna/swordfish because big fishes generally have a higher mercury content.

Actually you can eat 1 to 2 pieces of raw sushi but the doctor will tell you not to eat cause during my 7 to 7 plus month pregnant i actually eat 2 pieces of raw salmon 😅 when my doctor already told me not to eat raw food

its best nt to eat raw bt cooked. U csn always opt for rice bowl like rice s pan- fried salmon etc. Well its a blessing to b able to gt pregnant n im sure you would choose a healthier choice 4 e seek or ur baby.

I still ate it. But later on as i think of salmonella, flesh eating bacteria, HepABC... I refrained from eating raw then. 😂 If its fully cooked i don't care.

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during pregnancy I am also craving for sushi and did tired the crabstick and tamago. no issue but better to go those restaurant eat cos more clean.

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Sushi okay as long as it doesn't contain raw items. Certain tuna is okay and not considered to contain high mercury

I had salmon sashimi at Sushi Tei, Sushi Express, Genki Sushi and Itacho Sushi. Didn’t face any issue 😛