Craving Sushi

Hello Mummies I am pregnant and am craving to have sushi. Can I have that?

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With moderation you can eat any and everything :)

4y ago

Including burgers n their cheese, hotdogs etc etc?? But in moderation??

Yes! Important in moderation. Enjoy while you can!!

Once in a while it is okay but make sure to eat very little. I had oyster before as well and make sure the restaurant is legit and serves fresh

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Cooked sushi I think it's okay, but check what fish though. There's fish which are high in Mercury.

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yes but no raw food

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I just eat but I control on raw stuff. My gynae told me it's OK just eat fresh raw food don't buy from supermarket kind will do.

I crave sushi too! I avoid the raw foods. I ate semi cooked food twice. I’m at week 11 and gynae says my baby is going strong.

Yes. Avoid raw fish.

Try to avoid.

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Better not. Wait till after confinement