I am 36 weeks pregnant. Wondering should I accompany me husband to night fishing? As he ask me to tag along. I really feel like going but worry that I may be a burden to him while he is fishing.

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A big NO for night fishing!! yes for afternoon or morning fishing. Girl you need sleep and rest for your body, and at night the weather is not good for your body and the baby. Usually pregnant woman who is out late at night even with the company of your husband, bad things will tend to follow you home and its not safe at all. I'm talking about ghost if you do believe in them at all. Its best for you to stay home and be safe plus your body needs rest.

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I think it is not really advisable. At 36 weeks, u will be easily tired and by right u are supposed rest early, at least by 11pm (but i myself am a night owl - just passing along advice from tcm physician). However if u do go, maybe u want to see how U can keep ur see occupied as it may be a long process, bring a mini-pillow for backrest and find a chair w back rest?

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If the place where you are going to be fishing is safe and comfortable, allows you to rest well when you are tired, no mosquitoes, easily available medical help should there be An emergency, then why not

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I would say since u are reaching 37 weeks soon. Please enjoy your night sleep before baby is out!

I would as long as I'm not alone. with hubby by my side i wouldn't mind going anywhere.

I would go along. Unless I dunfeel gd..

girl I hope you went