Does c sect requires fasting?

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I fasted for 10 hours (c-sect with epidural). I rem after the vigorous shake, I was feeling so hungry but was denied for food. Had to starve for another few hours before I was given food.

4y ago

I kept begging for food. But wasn't given any until green light from gynae. He calmly told me " you are on drip. You r not starving."

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yes. Fast for 8 hours . and after my csec i 36 hours then can eat porridge :( I had been on hold for drip for 36 hours..

I was told to fast for 8 hours before C-sect. Also, an hour before the surgery, the nurse inserted enema for me to clear my bowels.

Here's an useful article on c-section: You will be required to fast for 6 hours because of the anesthesia that will be administered.

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Yes. Min 12 hrs if I recalled correctly. This is just in case u vomit during surgery or after dat. The feeling is terrible. Pls follow wat is being told to avoid complications.

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4y ago

During surgery will vomit ??? Then the wound how ??? Will be pain or not???

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8hr prior

Yes 8 hrs before


8 hrs before

Yes 6hours