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i am at 37 weeks and will undergo C-sect tomorrow. Anyone have tips on recovery process and how long does the surgery took? How do you cope with breastfeeding after surgery? #FTM #advicepls

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First of all, good luck and have a safe delivery 😊 I delivered via C sect exact a year ago and exclusively breastfed my baby for 8+ months. My advice would be: - Lots of rest even if you can't sleep every time your baby sleeps (it's not possible, trust me) try to snooze or at least get some rest - Healthy eating (eat lactating food such as oats) drink lots of water (preferably warm) - Keep your c-sect scar clean and check for any signs of infection. - Bonding with your baby. That's most important 😊 - Talk to someone close about how you feel. Good, bad and ugly. Share all feelings. PPD is very real thing and is very common as well. The more you're aware, the better it is. And please do not hesitate to take help if you happen to get it. There's no shame in it and it doesn't mean you're a bad mom. In fact, it means you're an amazing mother who really cares for her baby and willing to go above and beyond 😊 Take care and enjoy your motherhood. It's wonderful 😇

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I also had csect 3 months ago (dated this post). The doctor forced me to walk by 2nd day so when I went home its as if I didnt get csect. Altho it was hard lying down on the stomach But now its all ok. I didnt breastfeed much cause low supply