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Hi mummies, those mummies go thru c section before can advise anything to take note after C sect ?

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1) Be very careful about your wound, try not to let water seep in when bathing and after bathing. 2) Don't bend at all or minimise bending your back for first 2 to 3 months. 3) Don't carry heavy stuff unless necessary in the first 2 to 3 months. 4) Don't eat seafood, too spicy food and don't take junk food. Try to take Nutritious food for 30 to 45 days to allow your body to recover (My wife ate confinement food for 45 days). Health and body is yours, if you don't take care of it, nobody else will. 5) If pain is recurring and Unbearable, request for sufficent painkillers or medication from your Gyane. 6) Check with your Gyane if there is anything you need to take note of and to avoid doing or eating. Trust the professionals advise. 7) Have plenty of rest whenever possible during the first 1 to 2 months - Very important. Leave the household chores / whatever tasks to the husband or in law or maid or part time helper or maid to help/do, very important to nurse your body and health back in the first 1 to 2 months. 8) Don't take cold or Gas drinks for 30 days, traditional Chinese belief taking cold drinks will cause problems later as you age. 9) Don't blow air from fan for 30 days. If feeling hot or warm turn on the air conditioner. No choice as SG is hot tropical climate. In the context of traditional Chinese belief, failing to nurse your body and health back to healthy levels in the first 1 to 2 months after C Sect or giving birth will pose health issues in your old age later for many years. Stay healthy!

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Correction: Also "refrain" from bathing at least for the first 7 days.

get yourself a binder bc it helps so much with the pain, and do take your painkiller medicine on time to ease the pain. Maybe during the second or third day after delivery in the hospital, try to get down the bed with the help of nurses to walk around instead of being bed ridden the entire time; bc hospital bed and bed at home are super different because of the adjustable bed in the hospital, whilst the one at home are of fixed height and that’s when you’ll having difficulty moving in and out of the bed. Catch as much rest as you can and try to get your husband or anyone at home to help you out for this 3 weeks (bc csec pain usually last around 3 weeks or so) jiayou mommy!

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Rest more on bed try not to move too much. Apply all the cream that is given to you. Can try demartix ultra to prevent keloid. Rmb to use the binder to protect your wound area.

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Binder really helped a lot. Wash hands / body / hair with warm water and dry promptly. Yes it is basic hygiene to bathe & wash hair.

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Avoid carry heavy things.

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binder & rest well