I am eight months pregnant but sadly heading for a divorce. Is don’t want my husband to see the newborn? Will it affect my divorce case?

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Sorry for what you are going through. Get proper legal advices because there too many case studies and ways to handle. For what i know, he has the right to see his children, because you both are legally binded and he is the biological father. You will want to tell the full story to the lawyer so the lawyer can advice you from there. Please stay positive and have a healthy state of mind for baby. :)

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I think it is best to consult your lawyer. It depends on the grounds for divorce and it should be a mutual agreement. Usually the court will always rule joint custody as that will be the best for the child. If you wanna fight that, your lawyer will need to help you with that.

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if youre a muslim, its haraam (forbidden) for ur husband to divorce you at this crucial and critical stage/phase that you are in. haiz.. how cruel that guy is

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very difficult esp if u getting maintenance from him. he have visitation rights too unless he is proven to be abusive etc

Yes, in my opinion he can use this information when maintenance costs are being discussed.

Your lawyer should be able to help you with this. Sorry to hear about this.


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