trying to get baby to wean off pacifier. Cut a hole on the tip but she's still happily sucking. She knows something is off with her pacifier but she still wants it. Any tricks I can try?

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I told my Daughter that it’s the moon’s birthday (Mid autumn fest night) ... so can give the moon a present... her pacifier... she agreed to it. So whenever she cries I will remind her “you gave it to the moon remember” then she will settle herself down. 😝 ... weaned her off her pacifier last year ... 2yrs old. Less than a week

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i nv give chance to my dotter.. no slowly slowly.. straightaway cut off.. hahaha. let her cry and fussy... less den a wk.. dada.... they off from paci. do it a hard way if they cant let go... one short kill it..hahah..

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Same here for me I cut off the teat & so there's nothing to suck. She will probably cry for a few days like mine but after that cold turkey of 2-3days she will no longer look for her pacifier

I literally cut off the entire pacifier. I didn't cut a hole. I cut it in a way it's impossible for them to suckle on.

Just throw them all away n tell baby u threw them away. Cold turkey. They will adjust.

My friend rubbed some cumin on the teat and ever since then baby never looked for it again.

My friend told his daughter there were works on the pacifier and surprisingly it worked

Cold turkey..just stop giving. The younger the less resistance!

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Dipping it in some bitter juice