Is it true that girls are easier to raise than boys ? I have two boys .

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i believe all kids is the same. I have 3 boys now. Yes it's tiring to raise them now as they are rowdy and hyper active. BUT in the future, i can be better as ease and dont have to worry about their safety as they get older. I don't have to worry the types of boy they hang out with and all.

Really depends. Generally I feel girls are easier when they are younger. Less active compared to boys. But on the whole depends on the child.

Depends on your energy level, boys are easier to raise if you have active lifestyle. Girls are easier if you like to do girly stuff.

I don't think it can be compared. All kids are the same. Depends on the character of the child.

I think it really depends on the characters of individuals instead of genders

Girls are not as cranky as boys do😂😂😂