Today juz started baby on solids. Fed a few small spoons of brown rice cereal. Baby doesnt wanna drink milk after tat. Is it ok to juz feed e cereal oni? It is juz first day of weaning. Can feed a small bowl?

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Usually u are suppose to give a smaller milk feed before the solids. In case baby is too hungry to enjoy the solids properly and it takes them longer to feel full from the solids. Solids can be quite filling so sometimes they can last quite long after a solid feed. Keep them hydrated w some water too

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6y ago

I see. Ok thanks!

Add milk to cereal. I added bm to cereal to start my tod. I didn't give him too much at first maybe like a few spoonful then I see his reaction. Try out a small bowl first then increase to more. Now is exploration stage.

Yes it is okay, he could be full. Some kids prefer solids then milk, others dont. So your lo could be either loving the food or full from his meal. As long as he eats or drink, ill be totally cool with that.

I usually start with 3 spoons... haha. Cos my kids reject.. so good. Let him digest first.. when need milk, will cue for it