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Hello mummies! My baby is starting solids soon! May I know when your child first started in solids, how does it affect his/her milk intake? I understand that at first, they’ll eat small quantity only, but when can those baby cereal/purée/porridge be used to replace 1 milk feed? My baby doesn’t like to drink milk so I’m hoping solids can help!

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Hi, it's normal for baby to drink less milk if she is eating a significant amount of solid food. Try to feed the milk first then top it up with the solid food. Milk is still the main source of nutrients for your baby at this stage. Solid food does not replace milk for now.

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You can replace a feed whenever you/baby feels comfortable. But most babies will only want milk when they're hungry so feed milk first then top up with solids after. If your baby can take solid while they're hungry I guess you can try replacing a feed.

Hi, The shift happens gradually. I would suggest keep giving milk when the baby is hungry, along with some solids. That way the baby starts getting used to solid food

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Baby will drink less but should be fine so long as he's gaining weight etc

we slowly replace...milk is still the main source of food