Is it normal to feel unhappy

So tiring to look after baby. Baby is 9 mo now, wakes at 6+, will demand for breakfast, and then 11 + is lunch, 6pm is dinner. So many meals to prep. And need to pump milk. Only me and husband. Husband poor hygiene, can’t trust him to wash bottles or prep food. No time play with baby, and somehow not capable enough to prepare good food for baby, always almost same ingredients, worried not feeding baby well... and letting him have enough good play...

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Super Mum

Hi dear, thank you for sharing! From what you’re describing, sounds like you’re doing an amazing job!! As long as baby is having enough of each type of food (carbohydrate, protein, fibre) and is willing to eat your food, it’s ok if there’s repetition for now. You can vary the food later when baby’s a little older:) If you have a freezer, prepare in larger batches and store them in baby food trays. The nutrition is oreserved and you just need to heat up the food during meals. That gives you time to do other things. My kids both turned out healthy, happy and intelligent enough, so do try to maximise your time and get enough rest:) pumping milk is super tiring. Remember to drink enough water and eat well too. And don’t feel guilty if you ever want to stop pumping. You’re already awesome!

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You are already a great mum! I can understand the tiredness of cooking so many meals. So I try to do easy breakfast (French toast, or just toast with nut butter , oats with fruits ) , lunch I normally do porridge or pasta ( when baby go for nap, I can cook!), as for dinner, I will use my frozen chicken broth and cook noodles or macaroni etc which is very fast and yummy. I also do egg muffin & freeze it. Can take out & Warm up and give as breakfast or snack. And super nutritious too. I think you can go to ig and they have a lot of baby fast meal ideas

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You’re amazing and you must keep reminding yourself that! I felt the same way and am still feeling the same occasionally. We ordered baby friendly frozen meals (petit bowl) and baby frozen soup broth. On days where I’m too busy with work, I will use the frozen soup broth, cook it with baby udon, baby spinach and egg. IMO it’s troublesome to use meat if I’m just cooking for one but since my baby is attending IFC, they would have included in their lunch

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you are a super mum! maybe you can try to make a bigger portion of purée and then freeze them? you just need to heat up before meal times it save me a lot of time and less washing!

Hi Mum, Kudos to your hardwork and patience. You are doing an amazing job. Have you thought about having a helper at home? It would really ease your work a bit

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