Is it normal to feel unhappy

So tiring to look after baby. Baby is 9 mo now, wakes at 6+, will demand for breakfast, and then 11 + is lunch, 6pm is dinner. So many meals to prep. And need to pump milk. Only me and husband. Husband poor hygiene, can’t trust him to wash bottles or prep food. No time play with baby, and somehow not capable enough to prepare good food for baby, always almost same ingredients, worried not feeding baby well... and letting him have enough good play...

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You’re amazing and you must keep reminding yourself that! I felt the same way and am still feeling the same occasionally. We ordered baby friendly frozen meals (petit bowl) and baby frozen soup broth. On days where I’m too busy with work, I will use the frozen soup broth, cook it with baby udon, baby spinach and egg. IMO it’s troublesome to use meat if I’m just cooking for one but since my baby is attending IFC, they would have included in their lunch

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