Crying during night time😢

Any tips or guide on how to comfort or what will mummies do when baby starting to cry at late night? I noticed my baby girl will start crying after 12 o'clock late night, no matter how we comfort her, she still don't sleep and when we try to put her back on her bed, she start crying again and then looking around for whole night long! Any guides on for that? Or any mummies having the same trouble like me?

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Used to have same problem when my girl turn 2months old. Done everything to calm her but still doesnt work lastly we play white noise from 11pm until morning. She slowly adapt to new world until she 3 month old, she know how to calm by her ownself. I have read somewhere mention baby need time to adapt new world. During day the environment were loud so she use to it with all the noise coz while she in our womb she use to hear everything, our heart, blood and its noisy. Most of baby having problem during night time coz night time quiet and baby does not use to it. Try to play white noise. If you sleep with baby u also need to adapt noisy sound during sleep. 😅

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how old is she? maybe she is colic-ing or maybe she is overtired. if she is colic-ing, its just a phase that you have to be patience with. if she is overtired you need to watch her nap/sleep time not to stretch too long between nap time and time she is awake from naps. quality naps bring quality night sleep.

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