not on good term with father. Doesn't want to let him know I'm pregnant cause dont want to see him.

Thoughts/rants: Due to some family issues/problems, I'm don't really like my father. He calls and msg me sometimes but i dont reply unless necessary. I really don't wish to see him.. He doesn't knows i'm pregnant, i have also not told any of my cousins/relatives, i didnt post anything online either if not the news will somehow spread it to his ears. If he knows, he will visit me. After getting married early this year, i have shifted to my husband place and he doesn't know our exact address. That's also the last time i saw him. (My mom is not around anymore. Passed away when i was young. ) Sometimes i feel so tiring, like hiding something and can't live how i want to. But i feel irritated to see him, received his text or call. I really dunwan to feel this way but i just cant help it. Maybe i am unfilial but i feel he didn't exacty uphold his duty well as a father too. I dont know if what im doing is right or wrong. And what to do? Tell him i'm pregnant later or after i give birth or...... Completely cut ties with him. Haha. Sigh. #firstbaby #pregnancy #familyproblem I really dk where or who to talk to or ask. So.. Using this platform to release my stress abit.

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Super Mum

Hi dear, thank you for sharing. From what you’ve said, your father is trying to reach out to you. Perhaps this is his way of showing he cares about you. If you don’t like hearing from him now, it might be that you find that it’s too late for him to show concern now, when he didn’t do that for you when you were young and needed him. I sense some hurt and deep wounds, but from your sharing, you also seem conflicted. There are some people who would find it easy to shut their fathers out forever, but it doesn’t seem to be the case for you. So I guess the question is, can you forgive him? Are you okay with giving him a chance to be a part of your life now? And your baby’s life too... Of course, this is your baby and pregnancy. It’s up to you and your husband who and when you want to tell about your pregnancy. But I hope you’ll make a decision that brings you peace and love, and one that leaves you with no regrets. Congratulations on your baby! 🎉 I may not know you personally but I’m happy for you!

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family ties will never be cut off. if your dad not concern about you he won't call and text you. everyone make mistake, no point putting a stress on yourself like that. give that person a chance you are also giving yourself a chance. no matter what he's still your father, without him there won't be you too. you will be mother soon, how will you feel if you're treated like that?

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