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My husband recently admitted he went for prostitution MULTIPLE times on the reason that I don't give him sex as often as he wishes I would (we still do it but not often). he knows this would be the last draw for our marriage, he even went to solicit one after our counselling. I love him, i gave him a lot of chances I keep tell myself he's still young, we're still young. but he constantly betrays my trust, breaks my heart. I want to cut him out of my life but I can't, I keep replaying it in my head and I keep crying. my heart really hurts. I've moved back to my parents place with my kid. yesterday she just told me she misses papa.. I miss him too but I know myself. I cannot get over this, it's unacceptable. i know I shouldn't give him ANOTHER chance, who can ever accept their husband soliciting prostitutes on multiple occasions??? I feel so dirty and disgusted as it feels like he touched someone else and touched me. I've to be strong for my kid cos idw to lose care n control when the time comes. but I feel so lost. I never expected this situation to fall upon myself, I don't know what to do. I intend to go counseling for myself to get over this. I'm just worried for my kid to grow up with a father, even tho when we're staying together he doesn't bother with my kid too. he doesn't treat me nice, there's really no reason to stay. But my heart still yearn for him :( why am I so foolish? I saw all the red flags but I didn't do anything I continue to let him disrespect me and hurt me...

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My heart breaks for you. Big hugs to you! It's normal to feel that way what more you already have a kid with him. Takes some time to move on but always remind yourself of what he have done. He does not deserve you. You have give him many chances already. Cheating is his choice. A leopard won't change it's spot. I was a divorcee with a child. I told myself this was it. I will never turn my back. And I never did. Fast forward, I'm happily married to my now husband and step father of my child. Move on. Divorce is painful. But move on. Keep moving forward. Your future is way better than now. You don't deserve a cheating husband. Not you, not other wives.

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Sorry to hear that. What he said is not acceptable. You still made love with him though not often as he expected. Even if you totally don't make with him, he still can't cite it as an excuse. Did he ever think that what if he has STD or AIDS and pass it to you. If he has high urge, he can help himself or ask you to perform hand job for him. I wonder whenever you make love with him, does he think is making love or having sex. I also note that he doesn't bother with the child. He is not a good father and husband. Sorry to say, my two cents worth is good to leave him. Take care and stay strong.💪🌈

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