This is my second marriage. No kids from first marriage. I often find myself thinking of my first Husband and wondering if things would have been different if we had children. Maybe we might still be together. Is it ok for me to feel like this?

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It’s inevitable as humans to always think about what may have happened. The best thing you can do is to concentrate on your current marriage and be happy.
If you're still looking back to your past then maybe you're not happy or satisfied with your current relationship or you still have lingering regrets for that person. Try not to dive into the thought
I think you gotta ask yourself what was the real reason or trigger that causes you to make that decision . Was it a moment of anger or something else ? I believe if the reason was strong enough you wo
looking back at the past will always haunt you and its unhealthy in your relationship !move on ...and focus on your relationship .
All you have to do is move on and forget about the past