To lah or not to lah?

Do you think kids should use singlish?

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Teach proper English at home. They will learn Singlish outside and be able to codeswitch when necessary.

I think they will pick it up naturally once they start school and having friends. Its totally fine in my opinion.

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While it’s only me and the family she’s interacting with, I will be strict in teaching my girl proper English with correct pronunciation. Once she starts going to Primary School, it is inevitable for her to learn Singlish; she’s Singaporean after all. Just need to make sure that she is able to maintain standard English even when she uses Singlish.

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I feel as a SINGAPOREAN SINGLISH will start to run in blood ... So need not worri much

Kids are going to pick up whatever slang/localised language they are exposed to in their society. Best not to worry too much about it :)

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Of course it's better not to "lah". But if we ourselves as parents have a habit of doing/saying then how to stop them?

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Better not

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Preferably not.

No. Best to start with proper English from young