missed miscarriage

These past two days was the hardest time for us... I am not expecting anything except healthy and safe pregnancy. I visited my doctor for check up last Thursday , i was hoping that my pregnancy turn well after a month of rest and medication. But the nightmare happened during ultrasound...the doctor at the ultrasound explained to me that there's no cardiac activitiy and the baby did not grow inside. It was not clear for me that time....what she was telling me. She suggested to comeback to my OB to inform the result. And it started everything so fast. My doctor explained everything, and schedule me for the DNC procedure. It was scheduled 8pm that day. Honestly during that time that my doctor was explaining I want to cry and devastated but I need to be strong . I didn't tell yet the situation to my husband because he has a important exam to take that time... So I calm myself and go home. I prepared everything for the procedure but I can't control my emotion I cried and keep asking why It happened.my husband came and I told him every detail... He hugged me and told me that we need to be strong and accepted it. God has a reason and plan for us, I am relieved somehow and trying to understand everything. Maybe God has its reason and plan.

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God bless you sis may the Lord bless you another baby in perfect time.🙏

2y ago

pray lng sis.godbless