Regret but still blessed.

I just wanna share my story to all moms out there. I’m still gonna call myself as a teen mom since i’m still in college. I found out that i was pregnant when i was already 2 months. I was still in school, studying. I tried to abort my baby. Yes i did and i regret doing it. Why i did that? Scared of the outcome, my parents, being a disappointment and so on. I drank abortion pills and i thought that was the end of it. Till one day, i tried to PT again and it’s still positive and i’m already 5 months pregnant at that time. I got depressed and i cried all the time bec i was so scared of my parents knowing that i’m pregnant. Until i’ve decided to become strong and keep my baby. I was afraid also bec i tried abortion pills and i’m hoping and praying that my baby would be fine and healthy. Then i had checkups, ultrasound, doppler etc. Everything was good ?❤️ his heartbeat was normal, i also tried the ultrasound that can identify if the baby was normal or not and yet everything was normal and fine. my parents knew and they were mad at first but they are now so supportive. I’m now 34 weeks and 6 days. Please pray for me and my baby, momshies. I shared my story so i could encourage others to not continue abortion. I know it’s your body and decision, but it’s not the baby’s fault. It’s ours. I regret that i did that, but i am also blessed bec my baby is still healthy and normal. Take care everyone! Stay safe.

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Nakaka proud yung ganito, yung kahit may nagawang kasalan pero still pinagpatuloy yung pregnancy. Since okay lang yung baby mo, ingatan mo po siya. Paglabas niya bumawi ka sa lahat ng nagawa mo sa kanya. Ibuhos mo lahat ng pagmamahal mo sa kanya. Blessing siya sayo.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO STILL REPLIED TO THIS 🥰🥰🥰 my baby is now 6 months and he is super duper healthy! Godbless to all of you!

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hi mam, can i ask a question from you? since we do have the same experienced. I'm 5months now. i hope you'll reply.

Pag lumabas na ang baby mo, ibuhos mo sa kanya ang lahat ng pagmamahal na hindi mo naibigay nung pinagbubuntis mo siya. Bawi ka sa kanya 😊

Be Brave soon to be mommy..Thank you for not aborting your little angel. It is a blessing from God and love your little bub❤❤

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ang mahalaga ay narealized mo ang pagkakamali mo♥️stay strong momsh😍congratulations!☺️

Congrats momsh💗 pakatatag ka pa momsh at mag patuloy lang 💗 God is always with you💗

Bawi k nlng ky baby momsh paglabas.. Mahalin mo xa ng sobra.