price difference?

Is there a significant price difference buying diapers and milk from online vs from malaysia? Worth the money saved vs quality time with bb and convenience?

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For milk powder: I guess buying online in Singapore would still be more expensive than buying direct from Malaysia. I would think that buying from Malaysia’s major supermarket is safer than online unless it’s SINGAPORE online store direct from the brand itself as the savings probably wouldn’t be that substantial since the brands usually have some controlled-pricing. If buying from Singapore online sellers who are not related to the brands, then it’s really hard to say if the quality can be trusted. For diapers: Probably still cheaper in Malaysia as some brands are made in Malaysia. I’m not too worried about safety or quality of buying from major supermarkets since it’s not for eating. It’s either the brand’s diapers works for your baby or not, which is an issue even if buying in Singapore, so still have to trial and error, irregardless. However, overall, more convenient and maybe worth paying that little bit more for if you don’t have the time to go.

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Sometimes there is a significant difference, but I personally don’t think it’s worth it to go there to buy, with the traffic jams, hectic schedule (disrupting baby’s sleep), etc. I scout and wait for the best sales (usually online), and then buy in bulk, so I usually get very decent prices:)

Milk powder can be different. For example, for enfamil (Singapore), it's called enfagrow in malaysia and manufactured in different country. Diapers wise should be same quality but price difference can be offset if u buy in bulk online in singapore.

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Worth it to buy milk powder made for malaysia or Australia. You can actually get them from online shopping websites, don't have to go all the way to JB to buy. Diapers- not worth getting the malaysia version.

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I always bought Drypers from Ang Mo Supermarket. Not much price difference to be worth the trouble buying from Malaysia. Buy milk powder from Malaysia though.

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Diapers if u buy in bulk will be cheaper, but also depends on the brand. Milk powder may differ. So u gotta read the ingredients first

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Honestly it’s not that much difference for diapers. Qoo10/shoppee sometimes have flash sales and they are cheaper

Diapers is really cheap in JB..I don't dare to buy milk though..The ingredients are slightly different

Diapers i go for lazada. Milk i go for q0010. I buy in bulk to last one month. So its worth it.


Milk I think sg safer. Diaper depending on which brand you're using. Some are very cheap.