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Hi are there any mummy who are currently 20 weeks that took the covid vaccination before or going to take soon? I am not sure if i should take it after 22 weeks or earlier?

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I just took my first dose today 25week. I personally, just took it because abit worry to take jab too early & risk for baby,but after all test, baby organ develop well & healthy.. so, dare to go for jab on 2nd trim.. my gynae also said this the best trim to take jab.. anyway, try ask ur gynae too..

I took at 16W, next dose is 19W. My gynae said it was safe to take at any stage, but out of abundance of caution some recommend to take in second tri. I want to get fully vac before cases hit 5k, and also so I can eat out at restaurants before baby comes out!

First dose 13 weeks, second dose 18 weeks. Second trimester can take already. But my gynae says anytime can take even from first trimester. Because with the current situation the risk outweigh the benefits of waiting to get vaccinated.

I took mine only during 3rd trimester. The later stage I am the more stable baby is n more developed. Plus studies shown that the miscarriage rate is lower towards 3rd trimester after taking vaccine so I just waited.

To be safe, trimester 2 onwards can take. Don’t have to wait for 20 weeks. I personally took it at 21 & 25 weeks thou…. (The fear of needles hence the delay.)

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You might want to consider taking it anytime soon. I'm pregnant too and I've finished my jabs. It is very important as more cases now

Just taken my first dose last Sat, a day after detailed scan, in my 19w4d. 2nd dose will be on 23/10 which is in my 22w4d.

i took mine at 21 weeks. my gynae said it's safe to take at 2nd trimester when the pregnancy is more stable

Some took after 21 weeks when they have their detailed scan, when baby is more or less stable in the womb.

Doctors at KKH had told me is safe to take after 12 weeks (1st tri). I had taken my first jab at week 15.