Covid vaccine near due date

Hi Mummies, May I know if anyone here took Covid vaccine 2 or 3 weeks before due date? If yes, is there any side effects? I was covid positive before, now 2-3 weeks before my due date I can finally take my covid vaccine, I am not sure to go for it or better wait until after confinement or finished breast feeding.

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It's best to check with your gynae. If he has no advice (ie anytime is a good time), I would personally do it after confinement, so the baby will get antibodies in the breast milk and my body will also be in a better condition. fyi I completed my vaccination in T2 and had no side effects, I'll be doing my booster in the last possible month to prolong the immunity effects for the baby.

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If you wait until you finish breastfeeding won’t it be a long time because it can go on for months. It wld be gd to go before due date so when your baby is born she/he will have the antibodies

I took the booster vaccine at week 35. Gynae advised to take so baby can get the antibodies too. Also, you wouldn’t want to feel weak and tired after booster and having to take care of your newborn.

You wont be able to take the vaccine when you reach 37 weeks if im not wrong! So if you’re thinking to take the vaccine do it soon..

Best to check in with your gynae cause they’ll be able to better advice. You could also take the vaccine after your confinement.

I took mine at 20 weeks pregnancy. Had slight fever which recovered overnight after taking the paracetamol.