Covid vaccine during pregnancy in Singapore

Cn i know any mummies here took or planning to take the covid vaccine when being pregnant????. I am 24 weeks plus and during my last check up at KKH, my gynae recommend me to take the covid vaccine since its qlrdy safe for pregnant women. But since the rate of tester in SG is very few, im not sure if i should took it or no.... Any advise???

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There may be fever symptoms from 2nd jab. If it means you need to take panadol, then it may not be very good for your baby right? But it’s true also if you kena Covid during pregnancy the effects of Covid might be quite bad for both you and child. So I guess it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons. Personally, I will not take the vaccine at all. I will just stay away from crowds, minimize going out and be vigilant with my hygiene and immunity.

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Just took my 2nd dose a few minutes ago. (So far feeling okay but only time will tell! First dose no issues) Weighed the pros and cons and made this decision because I work in high risk environment. But like others have said, weigh your own risks against benefits prior to coming to a decision, and once you have, be at peace with it 👍🏻

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2y ago

Me too I’m 16 weeks, I just took my first dose earlier today, I’m feeling ok so far.

im at week 23. gynae told me can take vaccination but i prefer not to take the risk. so gynae actually advise that during breastfeeding we can take the vaccine too. prolly will take after my 1st mth confinement. its really not worth the risk since now most of the time is wfh. but its a personal choice. 👍🏻

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It’s a personal decision really. Getting severe condition of covid is much higher for pregnant women especially in 3rd trimester. So I guess it’s a matter of how you assess the risk for yourself. I go to KKH too and I took my first jab at 32 weeks and 2nd jab just few days ago at 36 weeks.

2y ago

Only sore arm for me for both jabs.

I don't want to risk. If anything happens to the unborn child, it will be our own responsibility and liability because we made the choice. Doctors can only advise. I decided to wait till after giving birth. Also no studies on long term effects have been done yet.

i personally won't take any risk. even kids below 12 yrs are not taking vaccine. how sure are you its safe better be safe than sorry. i personally won't want to take this risk. however if u feel you should then by all means. its really individual preference

I am currently 23 weeks. Decided not to take it. It’s your personal choice after all. For me, I had a previous MC and felt even more unsure about it. I decide to minimise going out and just take it when my baby is about 3-4 months old.

2y ago

After all, if anything happens, we are responsible. So it’s important to be at peace with your decision.

I just took it 2 days ago. I’m in my 15 weeks. My obgyn said it is ok to take the vaccine after first trimester. However I have been having palpitation and headache after I took the jab..

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I am currently 33 weeks , any ways to soon to give birth hence will take after delivery.. it’s up to u , if ur family is protected and u r not out much means u may choose how it goes ..

Same here, my gynae said it is alright to take the vaccine, but I'm still unsure. So also wondering if any mommies had taken the vaccine and any feedback / advices. 😟