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Hi all mummies to be / currently preggy mummies , are u guys taking / took the covid 19 vaccination ? I am 3 mths preggy, am planning not to take but gynae recommended me to take. Gynae is a guy, not sure it matters . I am worry about the side effects it might bring to my baby as no studies are done on this so far. Pls share your thoughts .. TIA!

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I’m in week 24 & have taken the first jab. Gynae feels it’s okie as long past 1st tri & after week 20, most of the organs are up, it’s only in a growing stage. Although not enough data to show long term effect on the child, he also shared that side effects will be worse if I get covid. In addition, data have also shown that baby will also have the anti virus if we take during pregnancy, with all the new variants, I choose to go for it. My gynae did have a disclaimer that our infection rate is SG is not considered high, if I’m really worried, can take after giving birth.

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Hi, I’m currently preggy but decided not to take now. Planning to get after delivery. Simply because I can’t afford to fall sick😅. Worried of side effects such as sore arm, feverish and all. I have no helper/relative and need to care for my 1st born which is 4 years old.So yeah.. not for the moment plus I mostly stay at home. I would definitely go for it now if I had my mom or someone that I can rely thou.

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Week 6 now and supposed to take second jab.. gynae also suggested to wait, minimally until week 12. Because the vaccine is so new, no one really knows what can happen. He said if I do go, can ask to see the doctor on site and inform him/her of the pregnancy, see if they let you go ahead. Most likely think they will err on the side of caution.

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My gynae recommended for me NOT to take because it’s not tested enough to make sure that it’s safe for pregnant women/babies inside the stomach. Felt more assured after what he told me because I don’t plan to take it for fear of the same reason

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i am not sure. but most prob i wont be taking. coz not sure if there will be side effects or not. if fall sick after e jab, it will be troublesome too, coz there are not many medications we can take and for myself i still need look after my toddler


My gynea recommended not to take it for now. As the published scientific datas are only for the past 2 years. Any long term side effects on the baby are still unknown. To err on the safe side, take it after giving birth

I'm currently in my first trimester. I also choose not to take the vaccine now. Do not want to have any side effects now. Will take it after giving birth. Just need to avoid crowded places and observe good hygiene for now.

Decided to take after delivery. My gynae recommended to take the vaccine but she said it's still up to our preference as there is no long term study on the effect on the baby. The study conducted is for the mothers only.


My gynae encouraged me to take. Cause if you really get covid, the side effects on your growing baby will be even worst than the side effects from the vaccine. I will most probably go for it during second trimester.

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May I know which gynae you are seeing at the moment?

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I'm currently at week 16. I'm not taking the vaccine. I don't want to risk it as its not scientifically proven to be safe. I'll rather the safe than sorry. I'll take the vaccine after delivery.