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Hi there. Mummies who were smokers before you got pregnant, how did y'all quit smoking during pregnancy? I'm still in my early stages and I find it so hard to just quit smoking. I've gradually decreased my smoking session though (max I'd smoke in a day would be 3 sticks) but I really wanna quit smoking totally. I wouldn't want anything to affect the foetus. Also , I have a toddler turning 2 at home so I don't want to affect his health as well. Although I know that it's all in god's hand if anything were to happen to my foetus , I still feel that I play a part in keeping this pregnancy healthy. Hope to hear some advises on how you guys kept away from smoking. Thanks!!

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i went cold turkey. stayed away from friends who smokes. my husband at that point of time was still smoking. but i guess my mentality is that im done smoking for 10 years. if i dont quit now ill never quit. previously i tried quitting for 6 months but because i didnt stay away frm ppl who smoke also not many support i start again. but this time i just tell myself i want to conceive. i want to be healthy. i want my family to live healthier. after 3 months i start smoking when drinking w my friend. and thn after another month i had ciggy when i went drinking again. after that up till now ( 3 years alrdy) im ciggy free. u need support from ppl around. use your children as motivation. tell yourself u can do this. it wont be easy, you will be moody, angry, and probably eat alot. try to exercise or go for walks when you are tempted to smoke or binge eat.

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