Does a toddler should eat Jeelly Chocolates??

there are many jelly chocolates in the shops and tolddlers mostly attract to it. Does this is good for their health?

Does a toddler should eat Jeelly Chocolates??
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We should allow our little one to try a variety of food in moderation. Do not encourage your child to eat sweets or any other food excessively.

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thanks for info. :)

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Dun think so!

Nt good for health, bt one in a day is fine

I would say no. Especially candies and gummy bears like the one above contain food colouring which is harmful to kids.

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Better not to as there are cases of choking.

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Nah. Coloring and sugar

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Not good for health

This is definitely not good for health - there's too much sugar in these bad boys.

better no

no, coloring and sugar