Does a toddler should eat Jeelly Chocolates??

there are many jelly chocolates in the shops and tolddlers mostly attract to it. Does this is good for their health?

Does a toddler should eat Jeelly Chocolates??
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I would recommend to stay away from junk food like that. They are not healthy nor nutritious. Start your toddler on fruits and veggies so lo gets used to habit of eating nutritious food

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It is good to introduce them to new flavors and types of food. But obviously in modaration. Try to keep them away from fatty and sugary foods.

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We should allow our little one to try a variety of food in moderation. Do not encourage your child to eat sweets or any other food excessively.

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thanks for info. :)

I would say no. Especially candies and gummy bears like the one above contain food colouring which is harmful to kids.

I wouldnt recommend it epecially because it doesnt have enough nutritional value and may even be a choking hazard.

No I do not get them start sweet and chocolate young. Even you need to give should give in moderate.

This is definitely not good for health - there's too much sugar in these bad boys.

No, I don't give any sweet, jelly or junk foods to my toddler.

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Better not to as there are cases of choking.

Nt good for health, bt one in a day is fine