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my lo is 6kg now, i’m going to buy r&f m size diaper but unsure whether to get pant or tape. which do u suggest

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Tape is better if LO have not started to stand on his own , u may wanna distract him when u putting on his diapers . Pass him his favourite toy and he would stay put .

4y ago

Because tape can adjust . I just feel tape is easier . But my husb likes pants better . Up to individual , we have both tape and pants for peace of mind .

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I would use tape diapers till baby can stand well.. then use the diaper pants (also helpful to start using diaper pants before you start potty training)

I will go for tape.. pants will be when baby can stand, if not I feel it will be hard to help the baby wear it

4y ago

what if lo cannot stay still?

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Diaper pants are easier when baby is able to stand steadily or starts walking...before that, tape is better

4y ago

why tape?