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Hi, I'm Chinese Singaporean and expecting my first child with my Caucasian husband who is French. Assuming that we will be staying in Singapore for the next 10-20yrs and our child will be going through the local education system (learning Chinese), would like to find out what is a better way to structure our child’s name in the birth certificate. 1. Is it a norm to have a Chinese surname for the child in a mixed race marriage like ours? 2. Does it have to be a literal translation of my husband's surname? Or can use the mother’s surname instead? 3. Is it a must to include the Chinese characters and Han yu pin yin in the birth certificate? 4. Was thinking to simplify it by just putting the child’s first name + husband’s last name as the official name in the birth certificate. Will there be any implications in the future? Hope to hear some advice from anyone who's in similar situation or have any idea how to go about this. Many thanks! #1stimemom

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1. Not a norm, you can give him/her your preferred choice of Chinese name and inform the MT teacher to call them by that name during mandarin classes. (I once had a classmate who is mixed and did this as well. No issues.) 2. - 3. No, i have a Chinese name but I didn’t include HYPY in it. (Optional to add in Chinese characters) 4. No, unless your child wants to add in his/her Chinese name in the future.

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Thanks for the great advice! :)

Maybe try to shorten the name haha can imagine during exams the child have to write his name on every page 😂