Blamed for all the bad things that happened!!!

Stressed, depressed, sad & hurt on how i am blamed by my partner for all the downfalls he experienced in his life. Even the death of his mom, his separation from his children from previous partners (which is his decision to returnthe kids to their mother). Even when his eldest child whom is left with him run out of budget & i cannot provide money (i am pregnant now and no work) he blames it on me and tells me... wala akong silbi. When i was working, i helped and provided financially for him and his 3 children and mom. Now he do not care about me and our baby as fo him i am the malas in his life! How and what can i deal with this!

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Leave him and live your life away from all of his toxicity and negativity. It is better to let go especially if he no longer respects you. You did your part and he doesn't seem to appreciate that. Know your worth and love yourself. Focus on your baby and dontt let his negativity affect your little angel. Be strong.

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4y ago

Thank you so much mommy!!! I should've done that before. Pro i still gave him a chance and i kept on praying na sana magbago or improve ugali nya and way of thinking. Naging ok for a while pro pag may mga problema na, instead of looking for a solution, he is looking for someone to blame and it all ends up sakin na lahat ng problema nya mula dw ng dumating ako s buhay nya. Ako daw ang malas. Dati din minumura nya ako but i kept quiet nobody knows even know from my family kc i dont want naman na lumaki anak kong walang ama kc ganun na ako. But it's too much. Maybe because masyado akong mabait and ako nagpapakumbaba khit kasalanan nya kaya naabuso na ako. I am in so much pain right now. Pro i keep on talking with my baby and trying hard to think of happy and positive thoughts.

Y staying just leave him! Kng malas tingin nya sau ano pa sya? Buntis ka aasahn kpa nya buhayin buong family nya? I mean pti anak nya? Shame on him. Kalalaki nyang tao e. Wag mna pag aksayahn ng panahon yan not worth it...