Is it a a bad character?

Hello, I'm a mom of a one year old boy. This past 2 months I have observed him hitting his head when he wants attention or when he doesn't get what he wants. Another observation is he puts his fingers inside his mouth until he almost vomits. Like what people do when they want to throw up. The first time I saw him putting his fingers inside his mouth when he was teething. He bites his fingers, I guess for relief but later on I noticed he puts his fingers to throw up. We were playing masakit ang ulo, every time he hears me masakit ang ulo, he puts his hand on his head. But I don't know what happened it turned into something violent, he hits his head with his hands even after I dismissed him from doing it by saying no, its bad. Please help. #firstbaby

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Parang too early pa rin po kasi para madiagnose sya for behavioral issue since 1 year old pa lang sya. Continue mo lang po siguro na sawayin and pigilan sya from hitting himself. And don't always give in sa mga gusto nya. Try to lessen his screen time too if may screen time sya. Nakakaaffect din kasi yun, ee. You can also raise your concern to your pedia, baka may maadvise pa sya.

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Thanks po for replying. Ano pong age lumalabas if may behavioral issue ang bata? Happy kid po siya pero pag na bored parang ginagawa niyang panakot po un pag sapok niya sa ulo and pag pasok ng daliri sa bibig.